ONE QIf you were to ask one question of us about our service-
 “What is your service like?” or “What are your services about?” we would respond with-
We believe there are three things to know about our services:
1.  We come together to worship God.
When we meet as a body of believers, we join with all of heaven in the worship of God “Heaven and Earth come together” (Matthew 6:10, Hebrews 12:22-24a, 28-29).
2.  We come together to practice discipleship.
It is important as Christians that we develop the habits of prayer, Bible reading, fellowship, and receive communion and instruction in the Truth. We want these practices to be part of people’s lives during the week, so we practice them together on Sunday.
3.  Worship is participatory.
We want all who gather to actively participate and be engaged in the worship service. As a group, there will be responsive readings that all can join. Scripture will be read and prayers will be said. Everyone is invited to take Communion together.
We want to lead people in a deeper experience of worshiping God. By participating in worship together we experience a greater since of God among us.